The Dark Mage’S Return To Enlistment


The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment

Minjun Kim, a typical high school senior in South Korea, found himself unexpectedly transported to another world, where he assumed the role of a dark mage. Driven by a strong desire to return to his home on Earth, he faced numerous challenges and ultimately used his mastery of black magic to save the other world. Despite achieving wealth and glory as a hero, he chose to leave it all behind to return to his own world.

However, just as Minjun was beginning to savor the comforts of his Earthly life, a new problem emerged. A dungeon break occurred, unleashing a horde of monsters that posed a direct threat to his newfound peace. With no other options, Minjun, who had just returned from his heroic exploits, had no choice but to enlist in a new adventure the very next day!

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